716 Exclusive Mix – Altieri : Retro Terra
26.07.16 - Guillaume

Eugenio Altieri is an Italian producer/designer based in Shanghai. Recently he started to produce electronic music more oriented to African trippy rhythms, and I love it. Otherwise he has a str[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Anopolis : In Higher Areas
18.07.16 - Guillaume

I've been following the Greek electronic music scene for a while, starting with a playlist by Jazzconbuzz in february 2013, followed by one of Miltiades in october of the same year. Since then, I have[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Dircsen : 116 for 716
14.07.16 - Guillaume

The German dj and producer Dircsen has just released a new EP on Endless Illusion, the Czech record label ran by Layup, who has recently released a deep 716 Mix called "The Right To Die". Encounter[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Drucifer : Noisebreaksnature
04.07.16 - Guillaume

Drew Webster aka Drucifer is an experimental musician from San Francisco, not to be confused with Charles Webster. You might not know him, but check all what he has produced since 2003. I have discove[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Tomasz Jurecki : 45to33
30.06.16 - Guillaume

Tomasz Jurecki became a friend when I came to Krakow. He was following 716 Music and we got connected. Tomasz is a dj, a digger, a producer and he also runs Funklore dedicated to Tropical Balkan Beats[...]

Dj7 (716lavie) – Love Is A Team Spirit Thing
24.06.16 - Guillaume

This is a mix I recorded for the radio show "Wieczor Klubowy" on the Polish Radio Luz (www.radioluz.pwr.wroc.pl/) [...]

Dj7 (716lavie) Live @Le Mellotron webradio in the Turnbalism radio show
23.06.16 - Guillaume

I was the lucky guest of Lucien aka Turnbalism for his radio show dedicated to afros sounds on the Mellotron. [...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Layup : The Right To Die
18.06.16 - Guillaume

Layup from Prague runs with Raphael Kosmos the record label, blog and and promotional crew Endless Illusion. They have their radio show on Intergalactic FM. They have recently reissued tracks from [...]

716 Playlist – Simo Cell
07.06.16 - Guillaume

Simo Cell is a French producer from Paris who delivers a super interesting techno music, far away from the monotonous boum boum revival. In Simo Cell's music, there is texture, melody, breaks, it remi[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Egnam Alen Musica : Addis Shinning Abeba
29.05.16 - Guillaume

The dj and records collector Philippe Noël had given me the contact of Mohammed Ahmed, before I went to Ethiopia. Mohammed is the biggest records seller of rare Ethiopian music. He now has a facebook [...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Dmitry Distant : Joyless Sect
26.05.16 - Guillaume

Since 2011, the Russian producer, now Latvian resident, Dmitry Distant has recorded a very various series of musical styles for a bunch of labels : the French hardcore Minimum Syndicat, the Swedish po[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Arcane Onde : Il Canto Dei Tordi
18.05.16 - Guillaume

It might bee quite hard to follow Andrea Noce as she is using at least 3 aliases : Arcane Onde, Andrea Noce, Eva Geist and takes part to a lot of projects.  Arcane Onde is her dj name, Eva Geist is de[...]

716 Playlist – Ian Watson
14.05.16 - Guillaume

Ian Watson is an artist, born in East Sussex, England, and now lives in Cardiff, Wales. He produces limited edition DIY runs of physical media containing experimental audio recordings made with a com[...]

716 Playlists – No More Pop
11.05.16 - Guillaume

No More Pop is this new label created by Murphy Jax and Celina Seng, dedicated "to rerelease forgotten and obscure italo, synth pop and wavy songs, including new perspectives by providing edits, remix[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – TBC : Cosmic Mind & Cosmic Planet
29.04.16 - Guillaume

It is an honour and a pleasure to welcome the legendary Italian dj TBC on 716 for 2 amazings mixes he gave us : Cosmic Mind & Cosmic Planet. The biography that will follow is based on notes he gav[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Françoijack (Vielspaß) : A Springbreak Toward Ghostland
24.04.16 - Guillaume

Françoijack is a long time activist in the art/music scene in Bretagne, the west part of France. He discovered the illegal raves in the early 90's, and since then, his passion for this music and the o[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Dj Nomad : Cameroon in Paris (Modern Soul + Disco from the Golden age of the Diaspora)
21.04.16 - Guillaume

Dj Nomad aka Hans has grown up in Germany, surrounded by a mix of cultures. The 1st record he bought was "Parallell Lines" by Blondie, maybe a premonitory title when you know how many bridges he will [...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Antoni Maiovvi : I Ain’t Fungified About No Legrification Noways
19.04.16 - Guillaume

Antoni Maiovvi, is a producer, originally from Bristol, now located in Berlin. He is the creator of the horror disco. He loves disco, but hates most of the house music :) He loves Goblin and Tangerin [...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Boulo Disjoké : Soul et Neons Mix
17.04.16 - Guillaume

[caption id="attachment_59979" align="aligncenter" width="870"] dev.716lavie.23prod.com organise sa 1ère soirée musicale à Paris le samedi 23 avril au 9B, 68, boulevard de la Villette, Paris (75020), [...]

Soirée 716 le samedi 23 avril au 9B, Paris (75020)
13.04.16 - Guillaume

dev.716lavie.23prod.com organise sa 1ère soirée musicale à Paris le samedi 23 avril au 9B, 68, boulevard de la Villette, Paris (75020), métro : Colonel Fabien ou Belleville, entrée gratuite. Depuis 20[...]