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11.05.16 - Guillaume

No More Pop is this new label created by Murphy Jax and Celina Seng, dedicated « to rerelease forgotten and obscure italo, synth pop and wavy songs, including new perspectives by providing edits, remixes or remakes in the original spirit. » Since these two are, most of all, some huge music lovers, it was a perfect occasion to ask them about 10 tracks they love.

Murphy Jax has released some very various types of music since 2010, including the banger « It’s the Music » featuring Mike Dunn (included in the 716 Mix by Ajello) on Clone’s sublabel Jack for Daze, the beautiful We Dance Ep on Tiga’s label Turbo, the synthetic disco EP Masters of Meta Space on My Favourite Robot, the Acid Rapper Ep which is like some funky « Jak Hip-House », some atmospheric fictive horror soundtracks on Lux, and more recently the deep house »Tempted » in a Chicago’s vein on the excellent German label Chiwax. 2013 has seen the release of his first album on Chiwax, some deep Chicago House under the name « Teleport : Echo City« .

Celina Seng has been involved in the electro/italo scene as a super active italo fan who supports the scene like a lot by her presence. You can hear her voice on the 2nd release by No More Pop « A Distant Dance » by the mysterious « Marge & The Marvellous ».

The young label has already released two EP’s, beautifully produced, with handmade custom gatefold sleeves and that come with remixes by talented producers such as Flemming Dalum, Orgue Electronique or Keen K.

« This little playlist is dedicated to the birth of the 7inch label No More Pop earlier this year, which I would like to introduce to you.
There is no connection between the songs and future or past releases, it simply reflects my personal taste which is in its combination also the labels general touch, that you can expect. »
Robert Murphy Jax

1. Pino Donaggio – Body Double
Always devoted to strong movie themes, this is clearly my all time favourite.

2. Deux – Paris Orly
There are rarily bands where almost all their output is consistently great. The easiness of this song speaks for itself. Simply cute!

3. Turquoise Days – Grey Skies
If I think of Synth-Pop, this song comes always to my mind at first. I cant really explain why, but it touches me. I guess i have a weakness for fragile and cute synth parts.

4. Ciaran Harte – Love is Strange
Simply strange, and moving. Minimal Synth at its best.

5. Daniel Borreau & Francis Rimbert – Vocoderman
Doing a good vocoder part can be art in itself, and is definitely nothing you just do within a minute. Francis Rimbert is clearly one of my favourite french space / cosmic / library theme composer. There is so much discover from him, so many magic fingered synth lines.

6. Mister X (Alain Will) – TGV
A little bit cheesy, yes, but finding the middle between cheap and good with a plausible melody is not often achieved. Thats why I love this one so much. Very sad that there is no other released material of Alain.

7. Neuronium – Decision
Again a great theme style atmosphere, that always makes me wanna dream. The second song of this outstanding 7inch release is as strong as the first. Admirable composition.

8. Francis Lai – Blue Space
Part of my favourite electronic Soundtrack – Astrolab 22. The informations about that french TF1 tv series are very rare, so clearly no success. It was a dry sci-fi serie concept. But this soundtrack is done with so much love and diversity. From the beginning till the end, a dream of space travel.

9. Philippe Laurent – RÈpublique
A recent conversation with Philippe itself, which was an honor, revealed some of the musical goals of this man. Always searching for that unusual special sound by using multiple instruments, filtering them in unusual ways, characterizes his music.

10. White Pain – A Kick in Your Mind
Its funny how much this 1986 piece sounds like todays indie music. Im sure at this point you begin to get my weakness for dreamy compositions :) So you expect a lot of synth pop with cute synthesizer lines and a dreamy touch on No More Pop.

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