716 Exclusive Mix – Egnam Alen Musica : Addis Shinning Abeba

29.05.16 - Guillaume

The dj and records collector Philippe Noël had given me the contact of Mohammed Ahmed, before I went to Ethiopia. Mohammed is the biggest records seller of rare Ethiopian music. He now has a facebook page dedicated to his business : Egnam Alen Musica.  We quickly became good friends and I even flew to the south of the country to chase records with him. I wish we could have made a documentary about this expedition : how we printed hundred of flyers asking people to contact him if they had old vinyls to sell, then the meetings with those people, but also all the investigations we did, asking in every shop, investigating to find previous owners of record shops now transformed in pharmacies, etc…


Of course I needed to publish a mix from him, although he does not consider himself as a dj. And he doesn’t have a mixer, which is a problem. Eventually he recorded a beautiful selection of his most hard to find records, only Ethiopian Jazz. This mix is history. Yes it is.

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