716 Exclusive Mix – Arcane Onde : Il Canto Dei Tordi

18.05.16 - Guillaume

It might bee quite hard to follow Andrea Noce as she is using at least 3 aliases : Arcane Onde, Andrea Noce, Eva Geist and takes part to a lot of projects.  Arcane Onde is her dj name, Eva Geist is dedicated to her space disco and soft beats productions, and Andrea Noce is all the rest :)

As Andrea Noce, she has released the EP « Be in Sync » with Montreal producer David Kristian on Macadam Mambo, the label founded by Sacha Mambo & Guillaume des Bois.

She also produced the EP « Magic Mirror » on Selva Elettrica. And she’ll release later in 2016, a 12′ and an album for Macadam Mambo.

She decided to give us en extra gift, an unreleased remix by Dane//Close of her track « Begüm, released under the alias Eva Geist, mixed by Hannes Brandt.

Now this is her « ballad » mix for 716, a cinematographic divagation that takes us on a poetic and melancholic journey :  Il Canto dei Tordi, the woodthrush’s song (le chant de la grive en français). For info the cover photo has been taken by Milo Smee aka Bintus, who did a 716 Mix too.

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